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Ep. #14: What is an ethical brand?

Joining us from New Zealand, we have none other than Simon Coley, Co-Founder of Karma Drinks. We discuss what it means for a brand to be ethical, what the key challenges associated with ethical brands are, and, finally, Simon shares his advice to other companies that consider becoming more ethical.

Ep. #13: How can design thinking solve environmental challenges?

 Dr.Leyla Acaraglu is a product designer, sociologist, systems thinker, Ted Talker, and Founder of Disrupt Design and the learning platform Unschool. In this podcast, she talks us through the underlying causes that have led to the current environmental crises and what, she believes, needs to be done to address these from a systems perspective.

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EP. #12: What is the Problem with Plastic?

In this video, we interview Dr. Leela Dilkes-Hoffman, a plastics and innovation expert from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, on why plastic packaging is a problem, what can be done to avoid it, and what the latest innovation is in sustainable packaging.

Ep. #11: Regenerative Leadership for 21st Century

Laura Storm, an influential women within sustainability and co-author of Regenerative Leadership, passionately talks us through what regenerative leadership is and how it can make businesses and society future fit for the challenges of the 21st Century. 

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Ep. #10: What is Behavioural Science?

In this podcast episode of Telltale Stories, we take a closer look at what Behavioural Science is, in conversation with Dr. Stephanie Stanton-Fay, a research health psychologist and behavioural scientist at University College London.

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Ep. #9: What is Regenerative Business?

While the world is in lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it is an opportune moment to take time to reflect and for ourselves and the natural world to regenerate. On that note, here is our latest Telltale Stories video, exploring what Regenerative Business is in conversation with Jenny Andersson:

Interview with Co-Founder of The Really Regenerative Centre and We Activate the Future, Jenny Andersson.

If you’re interested in learning more about regenerative business and systems thinking, you can find our medium article, which summarises this and other conversations with leading systems thinkers: It’s Time to Regenerate!

Note: Telltale Stories at WBM, November 2020

Telltale Research is a sponsor of the World Bio Market Conference and will be covering the event in Amsterdam 2nd – 4th November (Previously 24-25th March). We will be interviewing leading brands about their initiatives to address their impact on the environment and helping consumers make greener choices.

Here is a short interview with Founder of Telltale Research, Alexandra Clark. By Luke Upton, founder of Bio Market Insights: 5 mins with….Alexandra Clark, Founder of Telltale Research

Ep. #8: How do we stop funding hate?

The popular Netflix documentary ‘The Great Hack’ shone an important light on the powerful role advertising has assumed in the digital age. Beyond selling products and services, it has the power to influence and shape our politics, culture and society, through what it funds and promotes.

In this episode we discuss ethics in advertising with Richard Wilson, co-founder of the successful anti-hate campaign group, Stop Funding Hate, and Harriet Kingaby, co-founder of The Conscious Advertising Network.

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Note: Goodbye 2019, hello 2020!

It’s been a crazy year on the climate front and it’s hard to ignore the crisis really taking hold around the world, from Greenland’s ice melting at an accelerating rate to wildfires burning uncontrollably, first in California and now in Australia.

We try our best to stay positive and play a supportive role in helping businesses become part of the solution through regenerative business plans that generate profit, while taking people and planet into consideration.

Here is a little Christmas message from us and a few inspiring brands that try to make a positive difference through their products and services.

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Ep. #5: Youth Climate Demonstrations

On 20th September 2019, young people took to the streets all around the world to demonstrate against climate change. We went to the demonstrations here in London to speak with the young demonstrators and share their messages.

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Ep. #4: Should the advertising industry take a stand on climate crisis?

In this episode we examine the advertising industry’s current and future role in the climate emergency and ask if they have a moral responsibility to take action.

We interview William Skeaping, XR member and co-editor of ‘This is Not a Drill, an Extinction Rebellion Handbook’, Iain Tait, Creative Executive Director of Wieden and Kennedy London, and the author and SDG Cannes Lions Jury Member, Thomas Kolster.

Ep. #3: Shop your way to a better planet

In this episode of Telltale Stories, we attend Pebble Fest, the festival for sustainable brands and their conscious consumers, and  interview, among other; #Lush, #Innocent, #Akala and #RudeHealth.

For a further analysis on what #purpose beyond profit looks like for leading brands and some insights into who #conscious consumers are, please follow the link to our Medium page

Ep. #2: Whose responsibility is it to reduce plastic?

In this episode we interview Andrew Thornton, the owner of a Budgen’s Supermarket, and Henry Allen from A Plastic Planet, about their mission to reduce plastic packaging in the supermarket.

For a further analysis on the tensions and opportunities that exist between consumers, brands and supermarkets, follow the link to our Medium article.

Ep. #1: Let’s talk about climate breakdown

In late 2018, we decided that climate change was the most pressing topic to discuss for our series and wanted to get to grips with the key facts. Here is our interview with Sustainability Facilitator, Susannah Raffe.

For further information about climate change, please follow the link to our Medium article.