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Case Studies

Our clients range widely from private, public and third sector. What unites them and the projects we work on is the mission to use human insights and visual storytelling to solve problems, not create them.

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Concept testing and evaluation of climate science videos that combines climate science with comedy


An ethnographic study of UK citizens who decided not to get vaccinated against covid-19


Ascertaining the opportunity for environmentally friendly products


Integrating young people’s voices in strategic decision making


An evaluation of a civic engagement project for disadvantaged communities in East London

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Encouraging uptake of electric vehicles by uncovering cultural meanings, barriers and driversĀ 


Heuristic UX Research project evaluating the waste and recycling pages of Dumfries & Galloway Council website


UX project for the early developement of Cumbria Council’s new website

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Research with UK councils to understand the benefits and improvements of LGD


Audience Profiling, UX Research and Strategic Recommendations


User research to improve digital inclusion toolkit website


User research to help improve Haringey Council’s website as they transition to a different CMS


Rebranding exercise in order to better understand the customer base and position in the market

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Concept testing connected to deep insights into the world of luxury audiences

Why Telltale Research?

We fully immerse ourselves in our clients’ world, as well as that of their target audiences. We are known for ‘really getting the problem’ and working collaboratively with our clients, which enables us to deliver solutions which furthers their vision and cause.

We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can collaborate to achieve your goals!