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Panasonic is a Japanese multinational electronics corporation and one of the world’s largest television manufacturers.  


The Brief

Panasonic wanted to get a clear idea of the opportunity for environmentally friendly products in Europe, getting a good understanding of the market, consumer attitudes and the opportunity for new product development.



‘What is the opportunity for environmentally friendly products in Europe?’

‘Which product should we create and how should we market and position it?’

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Our Solution

We suggested 4 iterative phases of research:

  1. Secondary research to scope out the market trends and uncover opportunities

  2. Interviews with experts to understand the latest and most innovative thinking

  3. Online Community and ethnographic interviews for consumer insights

  4. Internal co-creation workshop

The Result

We worked closely with Panasonic throughout the research process to provide all of the information needed for Panasonic to get a clear idea of the market and opportunity to make the right decision.


The Feedback

“We asked Telltale to conduct research on European environmental issues, market trends and consumer behaviour and attitudes. It was clear from the get go that they had a good understanding of the project’s intent and purpose.

Through rigorous secondary and primary research, we uncovered many interesting key insights. We also had the opportunity to try digital ethnography, which enabled us to get a closer feel for our respondents’ lives through videos, photos and online discussions.

We felt that our project was in safe hands at all times. Our requests were met with flexibility, delivery was always on time and we were provided with a lot of advice along the way. We wouldn’t have been able to succeed with the research without Telltale and really appreciated the cooperation.

Above all, I love their honest heart and positive minds. That’s why they can think positively about a sustainable society. I would definitely like to collaborate with Telltale again!”

Hitomi Kibi,

Panasonic Design London

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