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Media Bounty

Media Bounty is an independent ethical, creative and media agency, and AutoMotive ara an independent transport research organisation with a mission to accelerate and support the switch to electric vehicles in the UK.


The Brief

We worked with ethical creative Media Bounty to provide insight into the emotional drivers and barriers of the purchase of TVs, in order to inform an advertising campaign for the charity AutoMotive.

How can we make more buyers choose EVs over petrol or diesel cars?

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Framework of understanding

Our Solution

We used our own Framework of Understanding to dig deep into the cultural and symbolic meanings of EVs and to map people’s subconscious emotional barriers and drivers to purchasing an EV.  

We invited three target audiences into an online community to understand their motivations and barriers through the use of creative techniques such as videos, photos and collages. These were followed by online focus groups.

The Result

We delivered an insight report with cultural and semiotic category insights and recommendations on how to approach five key personas.

Our findings were presented in a co-creation session with stakeholders from Media Bounty and AutoMotive.

Media Bounty x AutoMotive