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Digital Inclusion Toolkit

The Inclusion Toolkit is a collaborative project funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government. It serves as a how-to guide on strategies that can be used when tackling digital exclusion in our communities.


The Brief

The team behind the needed research of their users, their behaviours and needs in order to optimise the Digital Inclusion Toolkit website.




How can we best support the users on their digital inclusion journey?

Our Solution

In total 9 interviews were conducted over Zoom, with potential users from Local Authorities, the Third Sector, Healthcare Institutions and Digital Partnerships. Furthermore, an online survey was carried out.

The Result

In addition to the raw data, in the form of interview summaries, video recordings, and audio transcripts, we delivered a combined quant and qual insight report. The report contained both a ’strategy report’ and ‘UX Report’ with illustrative video clips from the interviews. Click here to read the report.


The Feedback

“The initial design, structure and content for the Digital Inclusion Toolkit was based on the insights and experience of the project team members. For the next phase of development for the Toolkit we knew that we needed additional insight based on robust User Research.

We commissioned Telltale Research to carry out that work and they delivered their findings quickly and effectively based on detailed qualitative and quantitative research. Throughout the process Telltale worked closely with the project team to ensure that their results would directly inform our decisions on the strategic design and development of the Toolkit.”

Jason Tutin,
Leading the 100% Digital Leeds programme at Leeds City Council