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LocalGov Drupal

LocalGov Drupal is a community of developers, content designers and digital leaders from local councils across the UK, who collaborate on developing a publishing platform that delivers a better digital experience for citizens, improves service outcomes, and saves money.


The Brief

Research was needed to validate the Beta phase of LocalGov Drupal, in order to:

1. Understand satisfaction and possible improvements 

2. Gather evidence of benefits of LGD to develop a business case

3. Identify barriers and drivers to adoption
LocalGov Drupal


“Why did UK councils choose LocalGov Drupal and why didn’t they?”

Our Solution

The research contained two iterative phases of user research, which included interviews and a quantitative survey with councils across the UK, specifically:

1. Councils who are currently on LGD (Content Designers, Product Owners, Developers)

2. Councils who are not on LGD (Content Designers, Product Owners, Developers) 

The Result

Our insights were delivered in 3 reports, which were presented in a series or workshops that brought together collaborators and councils at the heart of the project. 

We were pleased to get the opportunity to present a brief summary of our research at DrupalCon Europe, which you can find here