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The Royal Institution

The Challenging Pseudoscience Group is a department within The Royal Institution, an independant charity dedicated to connecting people with the world of science

The Brief

The Challenging Pseudoscience Group at the Royal Institution, wanted to understand who anti-vaxxers are and what could be done about their mistrust in science.

The aim of our study was to understand what was motivating those who had decided not to get vaccinated against covid-19, and the meaning of that decision in the broader context of their lives.


Our Solution

This research was part of three stage process consisting of: data mining, which was carried out by Valent Projects, our ethnographic research, and a YouTube video by Influencer Abigail Thorn.

Our research was composed of two stages: 

  1. Digital ethnography with ten individuals
  2. Filmed in-home ethnography with five individuals

The Result

The research resulted in a comprehensive insight and strategy report alongside an ethnographic film from our interviews and observations with Covid-19 vaccine sceptics.

These insights were incorporated into a publicly facing YouTube video by Abigail Thorn, founder of Philosophy Tube.

Abigail’s video has been watched over 1M times. It can be found on the right and our report can be downloaded here.

The Feedback

“Telltale Research could not have been more professional, careful or thoughtful in their approach to this project. I was stunned by the high level of care put into the research, and it showed in terms of the results. The outcome far exceeded all our expectations. This was entirely due to the painstaking efforts in engaging with participants, selecting them, and drawing the most valuable insights from their words. They kept us informed throughout and hit our brief exactly.”

Angela Saini, Founder of the Challenging Pseudoscience Group at Royal Institution