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Core Values

The vision of how Telltale came together was when the Founder, Alexandra Clark
asked herself, ‘How can I repurpose my skills and experience to serve organisations
that are trying to make a positive difference to people and the planet?’

The Mission 

We give values-driven organisations the tools and knowledge to develop effective strategies and decisions, based on deep human and cultural insights.

We dedicate our resources and experience to support clients who try to make a positive difference in the world, be it through charity or business. For every project we work on, sustainability and ethics play a defining role in what we do, how we do it and what we recommend others do.


Positive Impact

Testimony to our mission, in 2020 Telltale incorporated into their Articles of Association the objectives to promote the success of the company;

(a) for the benefit of its members as a whole; and

(b) through its business and operations, to have a material positive impact on society and the environment, taken as a whole.

Apart from supporting our clients in achieving their goals, we also support a wide range of social and environmental initiatives of our own.

We contribute to the charity Choose Love that supports refugees and displaced persons, and subscribe to environmental charity Ecologi.

Climate Action

We want to not only be essential to our clients’ understanding of how they can adapt to climate change, but be part of the solution ourselves.

Our primary impact will be from travelling, which is an essential part of ethnographic research, so for every project, we will take into account how we can minimise travel, through use of technology to work remotely, use of online research methods, video calls, attending virtual conferences and using public transport, where possible. 

Even with our best efforts, it won’t be possible to reduce our impact entirely, so to make sure that we continue to be compliant and support climate solutions, we use Ecologi to:

  • Plant 12 trees every month
  • Offset 14 tonnes of Co2 every month

View our progress report here.

Privacy & Inclusivity

We carefully select our clients to ensure that our efforts and resources are used to support organisations with strong ethical standards.

In our research practices, we strictly adhere to ethics, privacy and data protection policies to protect our research participants, including the General Data Protection Regulation, and follow the guidelines set out by the Market Research Society, Social Research Ethics and ICO.

We do not discriminate in any way on the basis of race, colour, religion, gender, age, sexuality, disability, nationality or any other protected class. On the contrary, we believe diversity creates dynamic, relevant organisations, that foster innovation, representation and creativity.  


Creating a foundation for positive collaborations is at the heart of delivering brilliant work, whether between clients and us, or the team internally. 

It is essential to us that working relationships are based on trust, courtesy and mutual respect. We want everyone working with us to feel cared for, inspired and fairly paid for their contributions.

We offer collaborators flexible working conditions on an ad hoc project basis that are paid at competitive rates, which allow them the freedom and autonomy to pursue projects and goals outside of those offered by Telltale.

We are proud to support:
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