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Greater London Authority

Greener Together is a community-led project organised by the Mayor of London, Afterparti, Ten Years’ Time and Hubbub who came together to improve the quality of life in and around Alma Street in East London

The Brief

The Greater London Authority is carrying out a community-led programme designed to tackle environmental inequality linked to social and racial injustices in London. 

They were looking for a partner to design and deliver a project evaluation strategy to assesses the impact of the project in line with the project objectives.

Greener Together
Greener Together

Our Solution

  1. Baseline survey & ethnographic interviews and observations with residents to assess attitudes and needs prior to intervention

  2. Ethnographic interviews and observations at the end of the project to assess impacted according to project KPIs

  3. Recommendations in comprehensive strategy report

The Result

These results provided the Project Manager, Content Designer and Developers with a clear vision of the next steps.Listening to people’s lived experiences is our expertise and the first step towards finding solutions that really matter, and we are excited to see how the project evolves.

You can find out more about the project at: