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The Conscious Consumer An insight film

Free Conscious Consumer Report


Conscious consumerism has been growing exponentially across industries, product categories, and services over the past decade, as seen with the rise of brands like Patagonia, Karma Cola, Toney’s Chocolonely, Ecover, and others that each propose to address a problem inherent to their industry.

Unlike the many fleeting fads and trends that come and go, we believe that the multifaceted trend that is Conscious Consumerism will become THE reference and framework for existing and emerging businesses, for years to come.

  • Who the Conscious Consumers are 
  • What causes they care about and why
  • How they try to live a sustainable life 
  • What role product choices play in their efforts
  • What they would like from brands going forward

This report covers these and many more questions that build up a picture that brings the Conscious Consumer to life.

Free Conscious Consumer Chart

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