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A consultancy specialising in immersive ethnographic research, cultural insights & brand strategy for values-led organisations.

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Understanding the Challenges & Aspirations of Youth Today

 Social Charity / Youth Empowerment

Ascertaining the Opportunities for Environmentally Friendly Products

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Immersion into the world of luxury & charity to refine proposition

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A snapshot of our latest activities, research reports, podcast and video episodes.

In our latest podcast episode, we interview Ynzo van Zanten, ‘Choco Evangelist’ at the pioneering chocolate producer, Tony’s Chocolonely. He enlightens us about the endemic issues with forced child labour in the cocoa industry in West Africa, and the company’s mission to do things differently. A truly inspiring story of how business can be a force for good! 🍫

Visit our ‘Telltale Stories’ page to hear the full interview or find us on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


At Telltale we combine deep human insight and visual storytelling to deliver compelling narratives that help our clients solve complex problems strategically.


Human Insight

  • We treat research participants as humans not as test subjects -we listen and try to understand their individual personalities, habits, opinions and experiences by the use of exploratory methods, psychology and empathy.

    Social and physical environments play a huge role in understanding behaviour in any given situation. To put what people say into context, we use ethnographic observations.

    Behaviour does not exist in a vacuum and neither do our insights. In the analysis of our primary research, we consider sociological theories, as well as relevant socio-cultural, economic and political trends.


Visual Storytelling

  • We live in an increasingly visually communicative world. Visual communication is simply more fun, engaging and an easy way for the brain to digest information.

    So why not communicate research findings in an effective and engaging way that is easy to share with stakeholders both internally and externally?

    Along with a strategic report, we use photography and edited video footage to share the true narrative that emerges from the research to convey the findings.


Strategic Consulting

  • Telltale Research is a multi-disciplinary collective that forms part of a network of 450 researchers worldwide.  

    We work closely with our clients to understand the context in which the deliverables need to perform and assemble specialists on a project by project basis to tailor the best thinking for every challenge.

    Our deliverables combine human insight with business acumen, which enable our clients to move forward strategically and with confidence.



We are a multi-disciplinary collective of senior consultants, who are passionate about using our experience and skills to improve social and environmental causes.

  • Alexandra has carried out research on a national and international scale for some of the world’s biggest brands, as well as governmental institutions and well-known charities.

    She specialises in ethnographic research and uses her empathetic nature to deliver deep human and cultural insights. She combines this with creative problem solving and sharp strategic thinking.

    Alexandra has a BA in Social Anthropology and Spanish. She is fluent in Danish, English and Spanish.

  • Anna specialises in participant-led research and storytelling. After graduating in Social Anthropology, Anna worked in community-led journalism, overseeing the publication of four newspapers. 

    Anna has worked with marginalised groups, including working with women with refugee, asylum seeking and insecure immigration status, as a workshop facilitator, volunteer caseworker and  documentary filmmaker.

    Anna has an MA (Hons) in Social Anthropology, and received the Harold K Schneider Award for Economic Anthropology.

  • Zuzanna is our go-to person for audio-visual content and capturing beautiful footage on location. She is also co-producing our vlog series, Telltale Stories.

    She is interested in social sciences, psychology and digital media and loves travelling, connecting with people, capturing their stories and understanding their point of view: https://www.zuzannaj.com/

    Zuzanna Jakubczak, Video Producer, MSc HR Management and Organisational Analysis

  • Ben has 8 years’ experience in qualitative research, and has consulted a diverse range of brands from  Netflix, Nike and Durex to BBC Radio 1’s Hackney Academy.

    Ben and has worked at the advertising agency McCann Erickson and MTM London. In his spare time he volunteers at Switchboard, a helpline which offers support and advice for LGBT young people.

    Ben has a BA in Classics & English from Oxford University.

  • Since graduating from her Masters, Maria has worked at the Milan-based Institute for Social Research and as a Research Assistant at LSE.

    In 2017, she travelled to Guatemala and volunteered at an NGO that fights for women’s empowerment and indigenous rights. In her free time, she likes to take analogue pictures, talk philosophy and organize crowded dinner parties.

    Maria has a MSc Social and Cultural Psychology (LSE), and BA Sociology and Psychology, (Utrecht University).

  • Aranxa works on all of our visual output and is a source of creative thinking.

    She is dedicated to everything from graphic design, branding & web design, to product photography, video filming & editing. She is currently developing her travel photography with her newly acquired drone: https://www.instagram.com/aranxaesteve/

    Aranxa has an MA in Graphic Design, and BA in Industrial Design.



  • “Alexandra and her team are a joy to work with.  Nothing is too much trouble, and their working style is very collaborative and flexible. Our project was completed on time and on budget.  Their deliverables are to a very high standard and the findings are being used across the organisation from fundraising to operations. Appointing Telltale was a good decision and we will no doubt work with them again.”
    Richard Todman, Strategic Change Manager,
    The Prince’s Trust


  • “Through rigorous secondary and primary research, we uncovered many interesting key insights. We also had the opportunity to try digital ethnography, which enabled us to get a closer feel for our respondents’ lives through videos, photos and online discussions. We wouldn’t have been able to succeed with the research without Telltale and really appreciated the cooperation.
    Above all, I love their honest heart and positive minds. That’s why they can think positively about a sustainable society. I would definitely like to collaborate with Telltale again!”
    Hitomi Kibi,
    Panasonic Design London


  • “Alexandra combines a depth of strategic understanding – aquired from many years of her own project leadership – with a practical “can-do” attitude that is essential in international work. I particularly admire her appreciation of cultural nuance and sensitivity when it comes to operating cross-culturally.
    Alexandra has been an exceptional business partner, and I look forward to teaming up again to challenge more of her skills and thinking.”
    David Hopper,

    h2 partners


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