“We specialise in analysing human behaviour and in bringing our insights to life in concise and creative ways that guide and inspire our clients”


Telltale's DNA

The exchange of ideas, cultures and talent is becoming increasingly fluid. Telltale is part of this movement.  We don’t operate in a static office, ruled by hierarchies or pull out the same methodology for each project. We work in dynamic multi-disciplinary teams tailored to deliver the best thinking for every individual project challenge.


Strategic Consulting

  • Telltale Research is a multi-disciplinary collective that forms part of a network of 450 researchers worldwide.  

    We work closely with our clients to understand the context in which the deliverables need to perform and assemble specialists on a project by project basis to tailor the best thinking for every challenge.

    Our deliverables combine human insight with business acumen, which enable our clients to move forward strategically and with confidence.



Human Insight

  • We treat research participants as humans not as test subjects -we listen and try to understand their individual personalities, habits, opinions and experiences by the use of exploratory methods, psychology and empathy.

    Social and physical environments play a huge role in understanding behaviour in any given situation. To put what people say into context, we use ethnographic observations.

    Behaviour does not exist in a vacuum and neither do our insights. In the analysis of our primary research, we consider sociological theories, as well as relevant socio-cultural, economic and political trends.


Visual Storytelling

  • We live in an increasingly visually communicative world. Visual communication is simply more fun, engaging and an easy way for the brain to digest information.

    So why not communicate research findings in an effective and engaging way that is easy to share with stakeholders both internally and externally…

    Along with a strategic report, we use photography and edited video footage to share the true narrative that emerges from the research to convey the findings.


Client Testimonials


  • “Telltale aren’t a ‘normal’ market research agency. The brief was complicated and they worked really hard developing a proposal that fully met our requirements. This was a mix of quantitative, qualitative and think tank. They also provided us with a couple of delighters in the form of video summaries from the qualitative research.  These videos are very powerful and are a great way to engage a wider audience in The Prince’s Trust.
    Alexandra and her team are a joy to work with.  Nothing is too much trouble, and their working style is very collaborative and flexible. Our project was completed on time and on budget.  Their deliverables are to a very high standard and the findings are being used across the organisation from fundraising to operations. Appointing Telltale was a good decision and we will no doubt work with them again.”
    Richard Todman, Strategic Change Manager,
    The Prince’s Trust


  • “I have worked with Alexandra on several global projects involving qualitative study and ethnography. Alexandra is my first port of call for advice and project partnership when it comes to Denmark in particular, and indeed has extensive and much valued regional wisdom and understanding when it comes to all of the Scandinavian markets – as well as the UK, of course. She is fluent in several key languages, and a most trusted expert in, and facilitator of, the various qualitative methods, orthodox and unconventional alike.
    Beyond this, however, Alexandra combines a depth of strategic understanding – aquired from many years of her own project leadership – with a practical “can-do” attitude that is essential in international work. I particularly admire her appreciation of cultural nuance and sensitivity when it comes to operating cross-culturally, be this in terms of getting the best out of respondents and interviewees who can differ markedly from one market to the next, and adapting to the complex needs of the global clients and their briefs.
    Alexandra has been an exceptional business partner, and I look forward to teaming up again to challenge more of her skills and thinking.”
    David Hopper,

    h2 partners – brand foresight